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13-year-old genelle conway-allen on thursday afternoon minutes before she was last seen. police hope this will jog someone's memory. maybe the backpack or the shoes. police are not sure who she was talking to on her cell phone. it is a picture taken at the intersection. the neighborhood with a bad reputation. >> it is kind of a scary route along with crossing the railroad tracks. that's the big concern. i've warned my son today that came across, look what happened and what can happen. whether that was there or not. >> reporter: police captured the image of conway-allen apparently on her way home. when she didn't arrive home by 5:30, her parents called police. this video shows her recording a message with friends. a typical teenage video. out at the foster home she shared with about a half dozen
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other kids. they said wonderful thing about janelle. >> she used to play with boys just the same. she was as tall as some of them. just a great sporty girl. she loved everything. she used to sit on the big rock over there and do her homework and thing. >> reporter: at green valley middle school where she was a student, a close friend only knows she's lost a friend and it hurts. >> i hope her soul is okay. and i hope she is doing good in heaven. she is in a better place now. >> reporter: fairfield police have announced they're going to be holding a news conference tomorrow at some point. it is not known if they'll be asking for help from the public or if in fact they have a resolution to this case. a resolution the people in fairfield say cannot come soon enough. live in fairfield, terry mcsweeney, bay area news. happening now, four people are lortdly dead. two more missing after a powerful earthquake struck the solomon islands. the center of the 8.0 quake was
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located near the eastern part of the solomon islands known as the santa cruz islands in the south pacific. this still photo is one of the only aftermath of the remote region. the quake generated a tsunami danging three villages. the prime minister told the bbc that the wave went about 600 yards inland. the tsunami watch is over for new zealand, australia and indonesia. money the opening salvo in talks between san jose and the city. they are talking about pay increases over 16% over the next three years. city leaders say they would support modest raises. a sad night for the san mateo sheriff's department as they say goodbye to one of their own. deputy mirlts died last week on el camino real.
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he was off duty at the time and was headed to lunch when a car hit him. tonight hundreds of family, friends and fellow deputies paid their respects at a vigil at the catholic church in milbrae. >> it has been very, very tough. this is first offduty death we've had in a long time. it has been real hard. >> he had been with the police for almost eight years. the funeral is tomorrow morning. new details on a triple homicide near santa rosa. police now say three men found dead inside a cabin in a wooded area were shot to death. tonight the hunt is on for their killer. the sheriff's department was called this afternoon to a property on ross station road near iron horse vineyard. the victims, all found dead inside one of the homes in that property. police of not released their identities or how
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they're-related. it does not appear it was a suicide. police are looking for a man who tried to grab an 11-year-old girl. they say a man who looked similar to this sketch. they said she was on emerson street when the man grabbed her arm. she was able to get away and got home safely. snlt cities may have the last word. it appears unlikely the state supreme court will stop cities from banning medical marijuana dispensaries. the justices heard both sides today. they argued those bans conflict with the 1996 approved law that allows access to medical marijuana for people with prescriptions. the court will issue a ruling in the next 90 days. it is an unusual road hazards. a runaway camel stopping traffic. that's a camel. its name is rudy. it escaped its enclosure this afternoon. it was found was goning on
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bailey road. at one point he stopped to graze along the road. the drivers pulled over to get rudy to safety. rudy is back in his enclosure this evening doing just fine. one of the most celebrated olympians on team usa is trying to stay positive after a frightening fall on the slopes. >> vonn over the top! she is down heavily. >> the gold medal singer lindsey vonn will need reconstructive surgery on her knee after tearing two major ligaments this fall. this happened at the world championships in austria. she is expected to return in time for the winter olympics in sochi, russia. >> lindsey will be able to get through this thing. she was back in the hotel after a couple hours after the accident. she was in good spirits starting to plot out her rehab. i'm confident we will see her in sochi next year. >> she has one year to get
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healthy for the olympics. the opening ceremony is one year from this thursday. the season officially came to a close today when the 49ers cleaned out their lockers. the quarterback colin kaepernick telling reporters, that super bowl loss will stay with him for a lifetime. now one player who made headlines off the feel for homophobic remarks during super bowl week isn't running from his hurtful remarks. chris culliver apologized and is now asking for something else. now more on the chris culliver story. >> reporter: chris culliver is asking for sensitivity training. they are saying it will inspire him to break down barriers in the locker room and ga and straight athletes here in san francisco say it can be done. gay or straight, all are welcome on the golden gate wrestling team in san francisco. >> most wrestlers couldn't care less. the nature of the sport.
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>> reporter: on this mat everyone is equal until the stronger man wins. it is a different story in an nfl locker room. >> they don't got no gay people. they have to get out of there if they do. >> reporter: chris culliver's recent remarks made it clear there is work to be done in professional sports. culliver apologized. >> i guess not thinking or something i thought but it is not something i feel in my heart. >> reporter: he is taking it a step further. reaching out to the trevor project asking for sensitivity training on lgbt issues. >> it is really important that someone like chris understand the importance of their words. >> reporter: the trevor project helps youth through crisis. staff will help culliver understand how hateful words can lead to tragedy. >> a lot of our youth have fear. they live with prejudice and hate and the impact that has. so we see this as an opportunity to educate chris. >> reporter: culliver's training is still being planned. the wrestler hope members of the
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community are at the table. >> the more that people meet and know us, the better it will be. >> reporter: barriers are long broken on this team. now culliver is in a position to help level the playing field in professional football. >> he can be a role model of someone who could easily change his mind. >> it takes one person to make a difference. hopefully chris will take this mention and make a difference in his profession. >> reporter: the trevor prong says it will be meeting with culliver in the coming weeks. tonight a spokesperson for the 49ers says the team will be reaching out to the community. i'm told several options are under consideration. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. it's a story not just about a few dirty restaurants. >> have you ever been shut down? >> this is about 6,000 restaurants and the inspection reports you've never seen. jena investigates places to eat
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in the silicon valley and uncovers a broken system that goes beyond the rats, roaches and hidden reports. >> how are customers supposed to know what it means if you don't know what it means.
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more proof that sleep is critical for the brain. there is a strong link between aging, poor sleep quality and memory loss. the study compared the brains and memories of young people to older adults. they found age-related brain deterioration contributes to poor sleep and in turn, a poor memory. the study suggests that a scientist can find ways to enhance sleep in older people,
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they can make strides in improving memory as well. when it come to dining out, our minds are usually on the food and be the restaurant's kitchen. that's why san francisco has a system. restaurants in l.a. have letter grades. but there is one that doesn't have a system of any kind. and jena dug through years of reports in the silicon valley. tonight her undercover report reveal a broken system. >> when you walk into a restaurant, you never know how kitchens in santa clara county scored on restaurant inspections. we went undercover. we found restaurants violating a state law allowing secrets to cook behind the kitchen door. >> have you ever been shut down or anything? >> 25 years. >> have you ever been shut down? >> no. >> never shut down? >> these restaurant employees don't know they're on camera
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will. >> have you ever had problems here? >> those answers are not true. as you're about to see, when it comes to health code violations in santa clara county, diners are left in the dark. >> how important is it that the public is aware of what's happening at restaurants? it is very important. >> meet heather. she is in charge of the county's restaurant inspections. since there is no grading system, the only way to know if a restaurant has been shut down and why is to schedule an appointment to view the records. but state law does require all restaurants keep a copy of the most recent inspections on hand. if you asked to see it, they have to show it to you. so we tested the system. to see who was willing. >> we want to look at your latest inspection report. >> i can't. i can't bring you the document. >> he is the manager of this denny's in sunnyvale. we have different procedures. >> how are we supposed to know
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fits clean or not? >> it's clean. >> have you ever been shut down? >> never. >> the documents show it was shut down in late 2011. for a large amount of roaches. and inspectors found more roaches living at denny's just last summer. kobe in santa clara claims it was voted best japanese restaurant. known by the inspectors for the cockroaches at that sushi bar. >> have you ever been shut down? >> instead of showing us the report -- they showed us the door. >> how are you? >> this is yummy buffet in south san jose. the latest inspection report. 16 violations. >> i don't know what they put in the file. >> okay.
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of the ten restaurants we visited, only one showed us the report. >> oh, great. let's check it out. >> is this acceptable? >> it is not acceptable. i am disappointed that the restaurants are not providing with you truthful information. or any member of the public. what i do want to emphasize is that the public can get this information in other ways. >> like going to the county's website. but even if you go to the trouble to look it up, the information is vague. while it shows categories of violations, it doesn't give any details of what inspectors found. take these two restaurants. both cited for vermin. one major, one minor. what does that mean? we pull the files. the minor violation was for fresh rodent droppings and one rat caught. major was for a dead fly in the whiskey. these two restaurants show enforcement action taken. but why? files show one was closed for a
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fire. the other, infested with cockroaches. this report on a fast food chain san jose just says enforcement action. >> i would have to look at the file and look at this a little more closely. this is the first time i've seen this. >> how are customers supposed to know what this means if you don't know what it means. >> i'm looking at this right now for the first time. i would want to take a look at this a little more closely and review it before i can respond to this particular case. >> do you see why i'm having trouble looking at this, how someone at home could have trouble understanding what that means? >> yes. i agree that there are improvements that can be made in this system. >> i think santa clara county could do more to help people understand what that information means that. >> dr. phillip leslie is a professor at ucla's business school. he conducted this study in los angeles after the city started
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its letter graying system. he found foodborne illnesses dropped almost 30% in three years. he said having information in the window incentivizes restaurants to stay clean and allow diners to make an educated choice of where to eat without having to ask. >> even if all restaurants did have that information on hand at the restaurant itself, people are still not going to ask for it. that's an awkward moment. you don't want to start out that way. >> even if you do. >> you don't trust people. >> in santa clara county, sometimes the answer is hard to swallow. >> that or go home and cook yourself. >> we reached out to manage many at every restaurant you saw in the report. most were unaware of the law. all told us they will educate their employees. denies said it is reminding each of its restaurants in california. and they said they've been revamping the program for about
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aier so no changes yet. she added inspectors will be reminding restaurants of the law. >> an eye opening report. thank you. if you have a tip to her or anyone else, give us a call or send us an e-mail directly to the unit. tomorrow night the investigative unit will be back. two patients received the same treatment but they get two very different bills. for the first time, steven compared the prices. we reveal why the costs you see are rarely what you pay. that's tomorrow night right here at 11:00. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. today was supposed to be the 49ers' victory parade had they won the super bowl. i just want to say that. the rain stayed away. >> you see mother nature didn't agree. it was cloudy today. >> there you go. if we would have won, we would have managed some sunshine. >> let's get a look.
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the system we had earlier this morning is pushing off to the south. that's been the clear and cold conditions across the bay area. some of the coldest in the north bay. 45 in santa rosa. you're dropping to 48. that's about three to five degrees cooler than it was this time last night. let's get a check on our network on this tuesday. almost to the mid part of the week. you will see some low cloud toward the top of your screen. we'll be tracking that under some areas of patchy fog yet again. it is not bad here. we have that marine layer hugging the coastline. a check now in the pacific. we do have storm activity. it is just not as far south as we would like see the this time of year. there are several storm systems spiraling out but it will be that same old problem. we have seen time and time again since about january 1st. we'll get some rainfall as we head throughout february. the storm system will be pushing off to the north. the hardest part of the storm will be right up into washington
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and oregon. we'll get the rainfall. we'll take it. it won't be as much as we would like for this time of year. also another reinforcing shot of cold air as we head throughout friday and saturday. this will give us the coldest weather we have seen in a week. as for tonight and into tomorrow, it will be cool. cloud cover against the coastline. lower 50s there. if you're in the coast and headed out here to the east bay or the south bay, you will need the same clothes that you needed at the coast. we won't see a huge temperature forecast. as far as the time line in the rain, we'll start with the showers at 7:00 a.m. thursday. then as we head throughout 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, the rain starts to push to the santa clara county. it is light to moderate rainfall. not expected to be too heavy. for thursday morning, you will keep that with you. we'll keep the chance of showers. not looking at widespread coverage of rainfall but we
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can't miss the hit or mit activity. we're be talking feet, only inches across the summit. maybe not too bad for alpine meadows, squaw valley. for tomorrow, 36 in santa rosa. 37 in napa. how about your daytime highs? you need jacket. mid to upper 50s. a little winter and it will feel like the low 50s. once again as we mentioned, we're getting that rain in here throughout thursday and we'll keep a chance of showers in the forecast for friday as well. look at that. friday, morning temperatures in the 20s to about 30 degrees for the interior valleys. so i don't know. if you have an avocado tree, maybe some oranges, you might want to think about it. >> avocados aren't ripe yet? >> i still have the avocado tree.
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more evidence now of the silicon valley job mark is heating up.
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>> the index with its report on job growth showed 92,000 new jobs were added in the bay area last year. the majority were in santa clara and san mateo counties. while high-tech jobs were growing across silicon valley and san francisco, construction is now one of the fastest growing industries in the region. it could get cheaper for some people to ride vta. a few grant might lower fares for low income riders in santa clara county. people acting in community together, or pact, raised the issues. they said low income people pay more for public transportation than people in other surrounding counties. the two-year study begins in july. when we return with henry wofford.
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it was a season 49ers fans won't soon forget but they paraded out of santa clara with their hands full them cleaned out their lockers today. as their story book season came to a disappointing end on sunday. coach jim harbaugh said he wants his players and coaches to get some well deserved r & r before the team starts its off-season activities. over to the warriors. the warriors and rockets. houston was on fire from three-point range. they tied an nba record with 23 threes in the game including the record tying 14 in the first half. up big late in the game. the rockets continue to hoist threes to try to break the record. so mark jackson ordered his team to intentionally foul houston in order to prevent them from shooting threes. the rockets won the game. however, jackson had to to say when it was over. >> i'm not going to lay down.
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i'm an old school basketball player. i'm an old school coach. if you can't appreciate that, that's on you. we're not going to lay down. if you're going to try to get the record, we're going to stop you. there's a way to do it. that's all. understand it, appreciate it, and i would expect nothing less if i was on the other side. >> we may not have heard the end of that story. to the ice. blackhawks, sharks. sharks up 1. michal handzus buries the puck. a wild first. then second period, andrew levels it. the spin off for the hit. in the ensuing four-on-four. he finds patrick kane. they win 5-3. they've now lost three consecutive games. that will do it for tonight but hang with us right after the
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break. jessica and raj will be right back with more news. what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone
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with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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take a look. new pictures from nasa of one of our closest neighbors. >> it is and only 20 million light years away. the pictures were taken from the hubble telescope them reveal it has a massive black hole that pulls everything into it. it has four spiral arms. two are made up of stars with planets. the others are made solely of gas. whether you can appreciate the science behind it, we can all appreciate breath taking pictures. in honor of national meteorologist day we get this. >> yes. national weather persons day. >> i got it wrong. >> national weather persons day. we've only said it ten time and said it wrong each time. [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from the new movie "safe haven," josh duhamel. director of "zero dark thirty," kathryn bigelow. the music of lianne la havas. and "photo booth." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jay: oh! thank you very much! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! welcome! welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here. thank you! thank you! oh! well, i guess you know people still are trying to figure out why the power went out sunday at the super bowl. today, they found out the reason. turns out china cut off the electricity for nonpayment of our bill. that's what it is. [ laughter ] shut it off. shut it down. that's it! well, cbs is now facing a a possible fine because ravens quarterback joe flacco was overheard dropping the f-bomb on the air. he said the f-word. did you hear it? you probably heard it. well, cbs is arguing they could not have foreseen this happening. you know, someone on the ravens breaking the law who isn't

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